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About SDD

About us

SDD manufactures and resells document finishing solutions for the graphic and digital printing market.

SDD offers finishing solutions for in-line, near-line and offline use, and a wide assortment of supplies for the binding, stapling, coating, laminating, collating, feeding, creasing, folding, cutting, perforating of both digital and offset output.

Besides its Sales organisation, SDD R&D develops high quality finishing products with the most advanced technologies.


Partnerships, tailor-made solutions and OEM options

SDD is a valuable partner in document finishing. Through close cooperation we deliver creative tailor-made solutions that perfectly fulfil specific requirements and add value to the final product. Besides its own product line, SDD also provides OEM machines for international printer manufacturers like Canon, Océ, Xerox, Ricoh and Konica Minolta.



For its high quality portfolio, SDD offers different service options that guarantee optimal performance and high returns. This way, the chance of malfunctioning and usage damage are reduced, minimizing hidden costs and preventing possible production stagnation. Our flexible service department offers from simple to all-in service solutions for the planning, implementation and maintenance of all our finishing machines by the user.



SDD, that stands for Smart Dedicated Design, was founded in 1999 with Roland Oudsen's decision to improve the printing process by developing a connection between printers and the document finishing machines around it.

The company is located in Emst, centrally located in the middle of The Netherlands.

In time, SDD grew to become a mature expertise partner in document finishing with innovative solutions for the digital printing market. More than 45 different products were created and launched and, since 2004, SDD incorporated finishing machines from the most renowned brands to its portfolio.

In 2007 SDD took over the sales activities of A.D. Technics B.V., a Dutch company then specialized in document finishing solutions. With this, SDD became the exclusive reseller of Morgana in The Netherlands.

Today SDD holds the entire production process of its machines in its own hands, from design and development to manufacturing, delivery and maintenance of its document finishing solutions. All SDD products comply to the highest quality standards and requirements of the market. SDD also provides innovative solutions from the biggest and most renowned brands.




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