SDD TUM6244 Take-Up Module

SDD TUM6244 Take-Up Module
Brand: Canon - Océ
Product Code: SDD TUM6244 Take-Up Module
Price (Excl VAT): € 0.00

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The TUM6244 Take-Up Module delivers outstanding reliability. Finished rolls produced with an excellent winding structure. Easy and fast handling, changing of paper rolls and non-stop winding. The TUM6244 Take-Up Module can handle the different kinds of media. Enhance your capabilities and increase the production with the TUM6244 Take-Up Module. Because the TUM6244 can be used for wind and unwind it is flexible which is easy to integrate with the workflow.

Key Benefits

• Enables non-stop production
• Produces consistently wound rolls
• Easy to operate
• Automatic speed adjusted
• Mobile and flexible system
• Seamlessly interfaced
• Wind and unwind system
• Integrated unloading station
• Tape dispenser




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