SDD BGB1208 Perfect Binder (limited availability)

SDD BGB1208 Perfect Binder (limited availability)
Brand: Canon - Océ
Product Code: SDD BGB1208 Glue Binder
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Totally automated online finishing system for Océ Printers.

This powerful Perfect Binder is the ideal solution for productive binding and publishing on demand.

The BGB1208 binder handles books and documents of varying thicknesses and media types to professional standards. With a binding capacity of up to 350 sheets, this binder can easily and automatically handle even the largest prints runs.

It produces a very strong bind by rapid cooling of the glue in conjunction with milling of the spine. The binder is technically and electronically synchronised with the printers output and automatically adjusts to the printers speed.

This binder can be seamlessly integrated with various Océ Printers. It receives the output from the printer, collates the prints, binds the finished documents using glue, and delivers them neatly stacked. The printer and the SDD BGB1208 are linked together for perfect communication. The physical integration of printer and binder ensures a smooth, trouble-free process, reducing manual intervention to an absolute minimum. If required, the BGB1208 can also be used offline for hand feeding of book blocks.

Key Benefits

  • Simple to operate

  • Quick to set up

  • Perfect bound books

  • Varying thicknesses and media types

  • Milling of the spine

  • Paper waste bin

  • Book counter

  • 24-hour timer

  • 350 sheets (700 pages)

  • Up to 290 books/hour


  • SDD PRF1000 (perforate, rotate and fold module) for A5 book production

  • Challenge CMT330 3-knife trimmer


  • Océ VarioPrint 6160/6200/6250/6320 Ultra Line

  • Océ VarioPrint 4120/4110

  • Océ VarioPrint 2110/2100

Datasheet SDD BGB1208

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