SDD BLM6300/BLM6400 Booklet Maker Systems for Océ VarioPrint 6000 series from Canon

SDD BLM6300/BLM6400 Booklet Maker Systems for Océ VarioPrint 6000 series from Canon
Brand: Canon - Océ
Product Code: BLM6300 / BLM6400
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The BLM6300 and BLM6400 (and their various modules) are the ultimate system for producing large quantities of professional-looking stitched booklets with a square spine. They provide the perfect finishing touch for a wide variety of on-demand applications. They are dynamic systems which mean that they handle varying booklet sizes and thicknesses without operator intervention. And, most important of all, is their outstanding reliability to ensure that the toughest deadlines are met. Choose the BLM6300 for 24/7 booklet production of the BLM6400 if top and bottom trimming of the booklet is important.

Brochures, manuals, reports and policy documents, for example, can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps. These booklet making systems are extremely flexible and easy to use and link directly online to an Océ printer which significantly improves productivity and efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • High quality Hohner wire stitching heads

  • Continuous booklet making (long or short jobs run nonstop)

  • Automatic switching between two jobs (for example A3 to A4 jobs)

  • Dynamic system: switching between booklet sizes and thicknesses requires no operator intervention

  • Productivity: up to 1800 booklets/hour (when the Rotator Module is included for A4/letter format)

  • Quick and easy to operate

  • Hand feeding of sets (with closable cover)

  • Wire spool 2 kg ( about 50000 flat staples)

  • BST6400: 75 cm long Conveyor Stacker

  • BST6300: 150 cm long Conveyor Stacker

  • Loop stapling (optional)


Black & White Productions Printers:

  • Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra Line: VP6320, VP6250, VP6200, VP6160

  • Océ VarioPrint 4000 Series: VP4120, VP4110

  • Océ VarioPrint 2000 Series: VP2110, VP2100

Datasheet SDD BLM6300

Datasheet SDD BLM6400

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