SDD BLT7202 2-Side Trimmer for Canon Production Printers

SDD BLT7202 2-Side Trimmer for Canon Production Printers
Brand: Canon - Océ
Product Code: MECO-0000-7202-0000
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The BLT7202 2-Side Trimmer is a cost effective full-bleed solution for Canon Production Printers. In combination with the optional SFM7704 SquareFold Module, it is possible to produce professional full-bleed, flat booklets.

The 2-Side Trimmer can be easily set-up through the digital display and has a very small footprint. The side trim can be adjusted quickly and precisely. Various jobs can be saved in the memory.

Specially design for high reliability, the BLT7202 can run long production cycles without the need for operator intervention.

The BLT7202 works online with a Canon Production Printer to create a complete full-bleed printing and booklet making system that is perfect for a wide range of on-demand applications. Reports, brochures, manuals, policy documents and more can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps in-between.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable

  • Robust design

  • Top and bottom trim

  • Easy to use

  • Operation through control panel


Digital Color Production and Digital Black & White Production:

  • The BLT7202 will fit behind ALL Canon printers equipped with a Canon D1 or F1 face-trimmer and finisher.

  • Colour Printers: imagePRESS series (C650 - C10000)

  • Black and White Printers: varioPRINT series (115 - 140)


  • Canon Trimmer B1, C1, D1 or F1 from Canon's Saddle Stitcher


  • 35 cm long Belt Stacker (included in BLT7202 packaging)

  • 75 cm long Belt Stacker BST6900 (optional)

  • 150 cm long Belt Stacker BST6800 (optional)

  • SDD SFM7704 SquareFold Module (optional)


Datasheet SDD BLT7202 2-Side Trimmer

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